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Which tech company’s workers can afford to rent in SF?

Median income reports for Silicon Valley’s top-tier companies reveal who’s being priced out   Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images On Tuesday, Silicon Valley Business Journal disclosed the median pay at dozens of major tech companies. And, of course, our first … Continue reading

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The Dream on Hold: 3.6 Million Fewer Families with Kids Own a Home Compared to 10 Years Prior

The big fallout during the housing crisis followed by air-tight lending rules, an alarming shortage of entry-level homes, and skyrocketing home prices are the main items on a long list of reasons fewer and fewer young families have a home … Continue reading

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Report: In LA, high housing prices make it hard to afford basic needs

Source: Curbed It’s not a secret that housing prices are steep in Los Angeles, but a new report from the United Ways of California shows that those costs make it exceedingly difficult for many locals to afford other basic needs … Continue reading

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Faced with a housing crisis, California could further restrict supply

Source: The Economist Champions of expanded rent control argue that it will allow cities to protect and increase their stock of affordable housing. “We need tools to prevent price gouging,” says Elena Popp, executive director of the Eviction Defence Network, … Continue reading

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Rent control measure on its way to California ballot

Source: The Sacramento Bee California voters this year will likely decide whether cities across the state should have more power to enact stronger rent control. Rent control proponents behind a proposed November ballot initiative that would allow cities and counties … Continue reading

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The Biggest Game Changers in Renting Are Older, Highly-Educated Renters, and 2.5 Million Stronger

Source: RENTCafe Blog Have you noticed how different renting is today from one or two decades ago? I think most of us would agree that renters were usually people in their 20s, renting mostly bare-bones dingy apartments with stinky carpeting … Continue reading

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It’s cheaper to buy a home than rent, but only if you can find one

Source: CNBC The supply of listings in April fell 9 percent compared with a year ago. Unfortunately for buyers, the cheapest segment of the market is where supplies are lowest. Home prices continue to rise at a fast clip, faster … Continue reading

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Renters Now Rule Half of U.S. Cities

Source: National Real Estate Investor Fifty-two of the 100 largest U.S. cities were majority renter in 2015, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. Since 2009, 21 cities had shifted to renter-rule. Renters now dominate in both hot housing markets such … Continue reading

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Making California housing affordable again will require new laws

Source: Orange County Register   California can increase the number of homes that people can afford by giving more money to cities that build sufficient affordable housing, some said at a housing summit last week in Los Angeles by the … Continue reading

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Should my neighbor be allowed to turn his house into a short-term rental?

Source: Kiplinger   The debate over short-term rentals, such as Airbnb and VRBO, is a constant one in all of America’s major cities. The debate centers around whether the entrepreneurial landlords or homeowners have the right to make a buck … Continue reading

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