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Startling Facts About Adding a Bath That Sharp Homeowners Know

Source: HouseLogic

You need a another bathroom. Well, you want another bathroom. Who doesn’t?

After all, we’ve never heard someone say, “I have way too much bathroom space — I want to turn one into a closet.”

But then again, there’s no guarantee you’ll recoup the money you spent when you sell. Typically, a new bathroom only recoups about half of the cost to build it. That’s what data from the “2015 Remodeling Impact Report” from the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® says.

But that report also says in terms of satisfaction and enjoyment, a bathroom addition has a perfect “Joy Score” of 10.

Hmmm, so is it wise or not? Here’s an infographic followed by by some facts and tips to help you decide:



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